Lightscape Collection

Luisa Longo has always been passionate about urban architecture, skyscrapers, their shapes, the depth of the spaces, magnificent and dynamic and the great sense of freedom that we feel when capturing them within our gaze . Skyscrapers full of lights, windows of different, unequal and suspended sizes, in continuous transformation, which make one think of the rhythms of the cosmos and nature – all one magnificent evolution, full of light and transparent.

Tapestries and table textiles, works painted and embroidered by hand on fabric, a harmonious combination of design, contemporary creativity and excellent craftsmanship, entirely handmade in Italy.

The tapestries, ancient artifacts transported to us, are painted on the finest silk organza. The panels are shaped and sewn by expert seamstresses, and then embroidered by hand, with particular skill and caution given the delicacy of the fabric used.

The tablecloths are hand-painted with the same technique on a luxurious easy care polyester base, machine washable, of great practicality and effect.
The placemats, hand painted on silk organza are embedded in an exclusive soft and peach-skin polyurethane solution, bringing art on the table with the ease of today’s ways of living.

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The concept of the Multiples stems from Luisa Longo's strong desire to explore in parallel the latest technologies. A Made in Italy production that combines contemporary creativity and ancient know-how, high quality production and extreme attention to artisan detail.

The hand-painted works on silk organza are digitally-printed on tablecloths, curtains and furnishing fabrics and are of considerable decorative and pictorial effect. An unprecedented dimension to Luisa's characteristic trait and colour sensibility, enhancing its audacity and chromatic refinement.

The materials chosen are strictly easy-care, no-fire, ideal for everyday use and today's ways of living.

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