Luisa Longo lives and works in Rome, in her Atelier and Boutique Hotel Buonanotte Garibaldi, in the heart of Trastevere. A convivial place to indulge in Luisa's artistic and multifaceted lifestyle, located in the heart of secular and contemporary Rome, populated by art galleries, artisans workshops and enchanted corners.

In her atelier Luisa creates MADE-TO-MEASURE unique pieces for her customers.

Luisa will guide her clientele in defining the work that best matches each individual need and mood; tapestries, paintings, panels, tablecloths, curtains, fabrics by the meter.
To meet different needs - for events, hospitality, home furnishings - Luisa will translate her works by choosing the most suitable technique and materials.

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Sustainability as an Artist.
The circularity of creativity.

As an artist, I experiment a lot, in techniques, in forms, in materials, often revisiting my artistic path. Pushed by a stratification of sensations and inspirations I will get "further"; these generate in me that leap that takes me towards the new.
My production is continuous and is characterised by the various commissions that come to me.

When I create I love to re-use archival works or works that are not perfectly successful. I transform their use and form, from the sacred to the profane, I could say! Thus, a tapestry can become a precious set of placemats or be printed on high tech materials and used as a furnishing fabric.

All my production - whether they are one One of a Kind or Multiple pieces - is made to order, there is no "stock" available. Furthermore, when I produce I am always very attentive to waste. I only consider what I need and by re-using "every mistake". Each second choice comes back to light and shines again. This "space" gained, this absence of waste, gifts me with lightness and leaves me with precious extra mental space, a space to "imagine" new projects.