Luisa Longo’s Fiber Art

Landscapes linked to a place lived and reinvented, places reinterpreted in an oniric key, resurfaced from the memory of a faraway journey. These are the works of Luisa Longo who chooses silk and organza to express her own inner world flooding it with light reflections.

Through the subtle weave of textiles light spreads in delicate reverberations, originating creative chromatic effects.

Symbolism and expressionism are at the heart of Luisa Longo’s inspiration. The use of oil colours, alternating with acrylics and pigments from various sources, is combined with reflective silk and organza, as a result of a careful experimentation. This process becomes the vehicle for the artist to express her inner landscapes. On the cloth the brush marks a path exploring cosmos, nature and its vital equilibria - as well as urban environments.